Spring Probe Kit for Huntron Access and Access 2 Probers

98-0126 Probe Kit
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  • Item #: 98-0126
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Price $420.00
The Probe kit contains replacement probes and receptacles for Huntron Access and Access 2 Probers. Included are: - General purpose 100mil needle probe (quantity 5) - High spring force 100mil needle probe (quantity 5) for conformal coated PCBs - Crown tip 100mil probe (quantity 5) suited for general purpose or surfaced mounted devices (SMDs) - Crown tip 50mil probe (quantity 10) for fine pitch SMDs - Replacement 100mil receptacles (quantity 2) - Replacement 50mil receptacles (quantity 5) - Probe Holder for 50mil spring probes (used with Access Probers) - Drill bits and pin vise for broken probe removal Huntron part number 98-0126