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Training At Huntron
Training At Huntron

Training At Huntron

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Activation codes are sent via Email Transfer. See below to download Huntron Workstation Software.
Huntron Training Workshop in Mill Creek, WA 
This course covers the effective use of the Huntron Probers or software controlled Huntron Trackers as a troubleshooting tool as well as the development of basic test routines. The class lasts two days and students are responsible for their transportation, meals (Huntron provides lunch on class days) and lodging expenses. Included is plenty of hands on experience and students are requested to bring samples of the same type of printed circuit board (1 good and 2 defective; more if possible) so they may learn troubleshooting techniques and develop test programs on familiar PCBs. A working knowledge of the Windows OS is essential. Classes begin at 8:00am and end at 3:30pm. 

Class Agenda: 
Day 1
 - Signature Analysis Theory
 - Hardware: Trackers, Scanners, Probers
 - Lunch break
 - Introduction to Huntron Workstation
 - Test Creation Workshop (hands-on PCB test development) 

Day 2
 - Huntron Workstation software features
 - Test Creation Workshop
 - Lunch break
 - Test Creation Workshop
 - Advanced Huntron Workstation features