Huntron Tracker 3200S

Tracker 3200S
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  • Item #: 99-0432
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Price $9,995.00

Tracker 3200S Features

  • Add the benefits of Power-Off test to your current diagnostic test strategy
  • Can be used as a Stand-alone unit using the convenient front panel controls and touch screen LCD
  • Match the circuit impedance by setting the applied voltage, frequency and source resistance
  • Built-in Pulse Generator for testing gated devices such as relays, SCRs and TRIACs
  • 128 pin scanning with 128 Commons using the built-in front panel IDC ribbon cable connectors
  • Display A or B channels individually, in the switching ALT mode or in A+B mode to display both signatures at the same time
  • Connect to a Huntron Access Prober for full test automation
  • Use the included Huntron Workstation software to create circuit board tests, store analog (V-I) signatures, make good vs. bad comparisons and present the results
  • Having the Good board signatures stored on your PC eliminates the need to keep one for direct comparison
  • A software based test allows for the sharing of board test knowledge with all personnel


See all of the specifications by visiting the Tracker 3200S web page:

Included accessories:

MP20 Microprobes Part number 98-0249  
2 Common leads Part number 98-0043  
Huntron ASA Training Course PCA Part number 06-3162  
Power cord Part number 98-0015  
USB Cable Part number 98-0418  
Product Manuals CD Part number 06-5217  
2 blue clip leads Part number 98-0284  
2 20 pin DIP clips Part number 07-1234  
2 40 pin DIP clips Part number 07-1230  
2 20 pin DIP Clip cables Part number 98-0103  
2 40 pin DIP clip cables Part number 98-0102  
Footswitch Part number 98-0315  
Huntron Workstation software