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Tracker 2800 with Workstation software

Your Price: $5,395.00

Part number 99-0422; Tracker 2800, Huntron Workstation software combination; Footswitch is included

More Information--

Part Number: 99-0422
Availability: In Stock.

Combination price for the Tracker 2800 and Huntron Workstation software. You can save time by using this part number to order the Tracker 2800 with Workstation software versus ordering them separately. The Huntron Footswitch is included with this package.

**Note** --The Huntron Workstation software license includes the first year Maintenance agreement which allows for updates released prior to the expiration date to be installed and used. The Huntron Workstation Maintenance agreement will need to be renewed prior to the first year expiration date for continued access to software updates. Contact Huntron for more details or visit the Huntron Workstation web page and select the "Licensing/PC Specs" tab:

Huntron Workstation web page