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Huntron Workstation License - Tracker 2800, 2800S

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Huntron Workstation enables the scanning and storing of Tracker 2800 signatures on your PC.

Part Number: 98-0605
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Huntron has released a version of the Tracker 2800 and 2800S that can be interfaced with the Huntron Workstation software. This license lets you to use Workstation software with a USB enabled Tracker 2800/2800S. The addition of software control enables you to develop tests, capture and compare signatures and view test results on your PC.
This product ships on DVD but can also be downloaded from the Huntron Software web page. A USB cable is also included with the order.

Important: This product is available for Tracker 2800 serial numbers 28A-01278 or higher and Tracker 2800S serial numbers 28S-01194 or higher.

**Note** --The Huntron Workstation software license includes the first year Maintenance agreement which allows for updates released prior to the expiration date to be installed and used. The Huntron Workstation Maintenance agreement will need to be renewed prior to the first year expiration date for continued access to software updates. Contact Huntron for more details or visit the Huntron Workstation web page and select the "Licensing/PC Specs" tab:
Huntron Workstation web page

Important: Be sure to include the 9 digit serial number of your Huntron Tracker in the Tracker Serial Number field above.**